What is Pilates?

The Pilates method was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. It is a body conditioning technique, working on controlled movement from a central core of stability, principally around the low back and pelvis.


The principles of Pilates can be applied to everything we do in the day, such as how we sit in the car or stand in a queue. Your posture and how you hold yourself is so important and often neglected.


Is Perfect Motion Pilates suitable for you?

Yes! Everyone can benefit from Pilates, whoever you are and whatever goals you have.


Whether you are experiencing pain, have just had an operation, are pre- or post-natal, you can still do Pilates with us at Perfect Motion Physio Pilates.


Why practice Pilates?

Pilates is excellent for improving your general health and fitness and how your body moves and functions. It can be used to help tone and condition muscle, recover from injury, or improve sporting performance at every level.


Don't wait for an injury! We put our cars in for service every year, but do we do the same for our bodies? You only get one body ... Invest in it!


Many people are at risk of developing poor postural habits. The human body is brilliant at coping and compensating for poor biomechanics, especially posture, and it's not always easy to notice when our body is not moving as well as it could be.

Why Perfect Motion Pilates?

Perfect Motion Pilates offers you a specialist service using a clinical, physiotherapy approach to Pilates. This ensures the highest quality of Pilates tuition with small group classes and a pre-class 1:1 screening session. With such an in-depth knowledge of how the body works and how to correct and improve things when they go wrong, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re doing the very best for your body with our classes. Becky will work alongside you, tailoring a Pilates programme to your body and what you want to achieve.


The foundation of Pilates is centred on using our core muscles, which are positioned around your pelvis and lower back. It is surprising how many people do not activate their core muscles correctly, even if they have practised Pilates before. For this reason, Perfect Motion Pilates concentrates on how to activate your core correctly in your pre-class 1:1 session.


Becky has been teaching Pilates since 2006 to people from all walks of life including people wanting to alleviate back pain, people who want to improve their posture, pre- and post-natal conditioning, and athletes.


Bill and Becky often work alongside each other with physiotherapy and Pilates to help people achieve their goals.


Pre and post-natal Pilates

Pilates at this time is so beneficial and important in ensuring you are functioning and moving in the best possible way, due to the great changes taking place within your body. Pregnancy puts a large strain on your muscles and joints and can cause dramatic postural changes, particularly due to carrying your baby during and also after pregnancy. This, in addition to the strains on your pelvic floor muscles, means that it has probably never been so important to look after yourself - for the sake of your body now and in the future.


We offer specialist post natal physio Pilates courses, which cover all the things you really need to work on after having a baby. You will be educated on true core activation, the role of the pelvic floor and things you should be aware of related to your body, with all the changes it is going through. The classes work on exercising in a safe and controlled way to help you re-condition your body. This helps to avoid or resolve pelvic floor dysfunctions, abdominal separation and improving abdominal tone. An individual session is completed with everyone prior to starting the course to enable specific advice and tailoring of exercises for the individual. Classes run over 6 weeks and are suitable from six weeks post-natal. It’s a great way to meet new mums, have some you time and bond with your baby.




What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. Physiotherapy works to address problems with the muscle, bone or soft tissue through using manual therapy, exercise, advice and education.


What do we treat?

At Perfect Motion Physio, we commonly treat:

– back and neck pain

– sports injuries

– knee injuries

– pre and post operative rehabilitation

– pregnancy and post natal conditions

– shoulder problems

– arthritis

– headaches

– incontinence

– abdominal separation

– pelvic dysfunctions

in addition to all other musculoskeletal problems, working with all aspects of recovery and rehabilitation.


We also offer general maintenance sessions to keep your body happy and healthy. You don't have to be in pain to come and see us!


Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Perfect Motion Physio offers specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapy, which effectively treats ladies with pelvic issues related to continence, prolapse, overactive bladder, pelvic pain and instability. As part of a Women’s Health assessment, an internal examination will be offered in addition to a comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment & treatment of the low back, abdominal and pelvic region. Assessment of the pelvic floor is integral to check for any dysfunction, enabling successful management.


We advise and encourage all post-natal ladies to have a Women's Heath check with us to assess the integrity of their pelvic floor and so help prevent or resolve any dysfunctions. Often people race back to fitness too soon and this can cause problems months or many years down the line. You can have this check at any stage, whether it be soon after giving birth or many years later.

Our approach

Using a focused manual therapy approach, we will work to improve joint, muscle and soft tissue limitations and often use this in conjunction with an individualised and specific therapeutic exercise program. The focus of our treatment is not just on resolving the symptoms, but getting to the root cause of the problem, to help you recover as fully as is possible. We want you to get back to the pitch/desk/garden and back to normal life as soon as possible!


Our methods

As part of our physiotherapy treatment we use the following methods:

– joint mobilisations

– exercise rehabilitation and program setting

– myofascial release

– dry needling and acupuncture

– rigid sports taping and kinesiology taping

– deep tissue massage and trigger point release

– pilates and postural correction

– cupping


At Perfect Motion Physio, we are passionate about injury prevention and making your body work better for you. We really believe in investing in your body. You only get one body! We will work with you to help limit the risk of further injury and problems and give you the tools and knowledge for effective management going forwards in the short and long term.


If you are not sure of how we can help you, please give us a call and we would be happy to have a chat.


About Us


Bill and Becky Potts are Chartered Physiotherapists. Both are highly skilled, boasting more than 20 years experience in the musculoskeletal field and have worked as physiotherapists in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. They commonly treat a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from office workers, retired persons, and from amateur to elite athletes.


Bill Potts



Bill qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2006 and holds a second BSc degree from St Mary’s University, in Sports Injury Rehabilitation with Sport Science.


Bill has worked as a senior musculo-skeletal physiotherapist in the NHS and privately, in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Bill’s training as a physiotherapist has provided him with a broad and in-depth knowledge of musculoskeletal problems from acute injury to chronic, long-term conditions and post-surgery rehabilitation.  Bill has a special interest in sports injury, biomechanics and injury prevention.


Bill is a keen sportsman and has played rugby for many years. He also enjoys mountain biking and snowboarding. Bill’s participation in different sports has given him first-hand experience of the ups and downs of training, competition and the desire to improve, remain injury free and keep active. Bill understands the different family and work pressures experienced by many people and works hard to ensure each of his patients regains his or her function as soon as they can.


Bill uses his in-depth knowledge of movement dynamics to identify specific areas of weakness or mechanical dysfunction. Bill’s training and clinical experience means he is well practised to design the most effective treatment programme for his patients and help them to achieve their desired outcome.


Bill has excellent manual physiotherapy skills and regularly attends seminars and training conferences to ensure his skills are kept up-to-date. Bill also uses dry needling as an effective technique to help reduce tension quickly in muscle and fascial tissue. Bill’s clinical physiotherapy background and in-depth knowledge of movement dynamics has given him the necessary experience and knowledge to create specific rehabilitation exercise programmes and in this way he is able to help every each patient on an individual basis to work efficiently and realistically towards achieving their goals.


Bill is a member of CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapists), ACPSEM (Association of Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercise Medicine) and HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council).




Perfect Motion Physio is based in Midhurst, West Sussex, and will work with you to help you to ensure your body moves and works the best way that it can. We assess, diagnose and treat back and neck pain, sports injuries, pre- and post-natal women, in addition to post-operative rehabilitation.


Becky Potts



Becky qualified from Brunel University as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2006. She has worked as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist for the NHS, in Rugby Union and in private clinics across the UK, New Zealand and Australia treating a vast range of sports and recreational injuries.


As a talented, engaging and skilled Pilates instructor, her teaching in West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire has gained an excellent reputation. Becky trained with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI). She is an inspiring instructor with many years of experience guiding complete beginners through to people at advanced level since 2006.


Becky uses her in-depth Pilates training to complement her physiotherapy assessments and treatments and works with every patient to help them regain their function quickly and effectively. She achieves this using manual physiotherapy techniques alongside exercise therapy, with the aim of resolving the root cause of the problem. She is particularly focused on improving postural issues to create optimal form and movement on a day-to-day basis.


Women’s Health Physiotherapy is a passion of Becky’s. She works with pregnant ladies to help them prepare their bodies for pregnancy and birth, rehabilitate post delivery as well as offering treatment for pregnancy related musculoskeletal pain. Becky feels strongly about the importance of re-setting the balance pre and especially post natal, to restore your body's health and function. Having had children herself, she really understands the demands of this time of your life. Becky is able to help with issues related to the female pelvis including urinary continence, prolapse and pelvic pain and instability. Her empathetic and sensitive nature will make you feel at ease with such issues.


As a qualified acupuncturist, she uses this as a treatment in addition to dry needling to complement her physiotherapy where appropriate. Acupuncture can be very effective in settling pain, reducing tension, helping to improve sleep, and reducing feelings of anxiety.


Becky is an active sportswoman and enjoys keeping fit. She is a Pilates enthusiast (of course!), trail runner, mountain biker and also enjoys the occasional game of squash.

When she is not treating patients or teaching in her Pilates studio, Becky loves being a mum and spending time with her family and friends, particularly exploring the great outdoors.


Becky is a member of CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapists), ACPSEM (Association of Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercise Medicine), HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council), PPA (Physiotherapy Pain Association).





Perfect Motion Physio have supported several sporting events by providing their physiotherapy services. Events have included the Brownlee Tri South, The Maverick run and the Discovery run.


Small group Pilates, suitable for everyone.

Post-natal courses also available.


Perfect Motion

What should I wear?


For physiotherapy sessions, you are required to undress to enable full assessment and effective treatments. This is often down to underwear, or shorts and T-shirt. Clothes worn should be comfortable and allow you to move easily, particularly for Pilates or exercise-based sessions.





If you are not able to visit us in our Midhurst clinic for your physiotherapy appointment then we also offer home visits.


Pilates for individuals and pairs are offered as home visits.


Becky and Bill often work alongside each other combining their physiotherapy and Pilates skills to help improve patient outcomes.




Initial Assessment        3/4 hr

Follow up/ treatment    1/2 hr


Extended session           1 hr




1:1 session                  3/4 hr


1:1 session                  1 hr


2:1 session                  1 hr

Clinic    Home visit


£55        £65

£45        £55


£75        £85



              Home visit







For groups of 3 people or more, please call Becky on 07719 917 977 to arrange or for information on pricing.


Payment is due on the day of treatment by cheque, BACS or cash. If you would like to claim through your insurance company for your physiotherapy with us, it is your responsibility to check that your insurance company will reimburse you for the cost of your sessions.


A full medical history will be taken in your first appointment. All information will remain confidential and will only be shared with relevant healthcare professionals, such as your GP. However, if you would not like us to share this information, then please let us know. Children up to 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Cancellations of appointments with less than 24 hours notice will be liable to the full charge of the appointment. Blocks of sessions need to be paid for in advance. Individually booked sessions are on a pay as you go basis.




We are based in Midhurst and are happy to travel to where you are. Travel further afield may be subject to a surcharge. Please click on the map below to see where we are. Alternatively, you can come to our clinic room.


Pilates Classes




New participants are required to have a 1:1 session

prior to starting the class. Payment for the full course is required to secure your place and courses run alongside school term times. Classes work out as £12 per session.


The Training Room

West Street


West Sussex

GU29 9NF







Women's Health Physiotherapy


Initial Assessment        3/4 hr

Follow up/ treatment    3/4 hr


                                    1/2 hr










I Love Becky's Pilates


" It's a lovely relaxed class and I can really see how much I've improved. It's something I genuinely look forward to every week "

Sarah Porter

Fitness Instructor

Fun and good for you


" Becky is an inspirational and thorough teacher whose classes are both fun and good for you. What could be better?"

Claire Daniels





  • Professional teaching and support


    " After suffering with lower back pain for several years I am delighted and mostly pain free

    (click to read more)

    thanks to Becky's professional teaching and support she has provided at Pilates classes over the last few months."

    Paul Gallivan

    Head Gardener at Woolbeding Gardens

Professional and friendly Pilates 1:1


" Less aches and pain and generally feeling my body is stronger from within. I would obviously recommend!!! "

Luke Jennings

Landscape Gardener

  • I am so thrilled at the overall improvement in my physical strength and wellbeing


    " I started the 1:1 pilates sessions with Becky to help strengthen my back for work. I also had a movement assessment with Bill,

    (click to read more)

    which cleverly revealed the weaker areas in my body and helped Becky direct the Pilates sessions to strengthen these. The sessions have become invaluable to me. Becky is endlessly supportive and encouraging and she adapts each session to my particular needs at the time so they are always challenging and interesting, and achieve results! "

    Judith Spencer


  • Pre-natal Pilates


    " I have been attending Perfect Motion Physio Pilates classes for twelve weeks and I am thoroughly enjoying it. The sessions take place in a beautiful studio set in rolling hills with a view across horse paddocks.

    (click to read more)

    Each session is perfectly planned beginning with gentle warm up stretching, leading through exercises and finishing with a cool down stretch, by the end of which I'm always surprised we have completed a full hour and feel utterly relaxed. I am 30 weeks pregnant with my second child, I have hypermobility and SPD and have found the gentle exercises have really improved my core strength and enabled me to walk unaided for far longer than my previous pregnancy. I feel safe in the knowledge that Becky is a Physiotherapist and classes are small enough for her to keep an eye on each of us, correcting our position when necessary. It's a shame I have to take a break to have my baby now! I look forward to starting again in the future."

    Natalie Gafford

    Youth leader

Experienced professional


" Having suffered from niggles preparing for a long distance cycle event, I had a movement assessment with bill. He then put together a targeted, simple and practical program, which enabled me to complete the event with a great result. "

Steve Carter

IT Consultant




















Quickly identified


" Bill came to see me after I was in agony with my hip he was very knowledgable quickly identified there was a major problem and suggested a scan I have since had a hip replacement and I'm looking forward to starting physio with Bill to aid my recovery. "

Andy Rogers

Vineyard Owner





Improved my performance


" Bill's exercises helped to address my areas of weakness, improve my performance and increase my enjoyment of the sports I play. "

Mike Maynard
Speed skater





Highly recommended!


" I have been seeing Bill and more recently Becky at Perfect Motion Physio since my lumber spine injury in June. They both provide a very professional and  thorough service. Highly recommended! "

Ed Hitchman

Polo player




Really effective


“ Bill and Perfect Motion were really effective. Diagnosis was spot on, exercise regime I followed really helped recovery and he was really easy and efficient to deal with. I highly recommend using Bill. ”

Joss Kent

Polo player and keen sportsman





The best I can be once again


" With out Bill and Becky working with me, I wouldn't have been able to control my pain and handle my disability correctly. They have helped me get my life back and are working with my specialist to make me the best I can be once again "

Louise Burns

Horse rider



Bill Potts: 07584 422 697

Becky Potts: 07719 917 977





Treatment Room Address

The Training Room

West Street


West Sussex

GU29 9NF



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