Specialist bike fitting

Getting your bike fit right

It doesn’t matter whether you spend hours on your bike or are more of an ‘occasional’ cyclist, getting your bike fit right can really help prevent injuries in a rider. Bike fit is about making sure the ergonomics of your bike are right for your body as that minimises the risks of knee trouble, hip problems and back issues.

A bike fit can also make all the difference in making a bike more comfortable, optimising power output, enhancing your efficiency and improving your bike performance and aerodynamics.

What’s involved in a bike fit?

1st Contact – by phone or email

Get in touch with Bill. Ask him any questions you like about what to expect in the assessment and how a bike fit may benefit you.

After that, he’ll book you in for an appointment and you (and your bike) come along to our clinic.

Your appointment

The ‘off the bike’ assessment:

Bill will find out what brings you in for the assessment. Do you want to improve performance, address an injury (chronic or more acute), or have a general assessment to help optimise position, comfort and performance on the bike. He will also take a full medical history.

Although it’s a ‘bike fit’ appointment Bill will still assess posture and you will be asked to perform a number of movement  / strength tests. These will help identify any mechanical issues that may be affecting you on the bike and may affect how your set up is changed.

The ‘on the bike’ assessment:

After the “off the bike assessment” is complete, you will be assessed on the bike in your current set up. This takes place using a turbo trainer and will be filmed and then analysed at the time. Any obvious problems on the bike can then be seen and in conjunction with your off the bike assessment Bill will start to adjust your set up.

What sets us apart:

Our experience as physiotherapists means we can apply our in-depth knowledge of your movement / mechanics to ensure the best bike set-up for you.

We can adapt and adjust your bike set-up according to any injuries (old or new).

We aim to reduce injury risk from your cycling and improve your performance.

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