Physiotherapy and Sports Physiotherapy



What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when you’ve been affected by injury, illness or disability. Our physiotherapists work with you using movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. This can help manage pain, restore function and reduce risk of injury for everyday life.

Regular physio sessions can be really useful for keeping your body in good order – you don’t have to have a specific problem to come and see us.

Post-injury physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists work with you to restore movement and function – you’ve probably also heard this referred to as recovery and rehabilitation (or rehab). We address problems with muscle, bone or soft tissue through exercise, advice and education. It’s great way to help with everything from back pain and neck pain to knee injuries, shoulder problems, sprained ankles and ligament damage.

Post-surgery physiotherapy

It doesn’t matter if you had minor surgery or a knee replacement, hip replacement or an ACL repair – everyone can benefit from post-op physio. A combination of exercise and advice can help to improve movement and function.

Pre-op physiotherapy

Physiotherapy before surgery can also be helpful in making sure your body is in the best shape it can be to optimise your post-op recovery.

General maintenance physiotherapy

You don’t have to be in pain to benefit from physiotherapy. Regular physio sessions can be really useful for keeping your body happy and healthy.

Physiotherapy for disabilities and long-term conditions

Specialist physiotherapy can also help with certain disabilities and long-term conditions. It can be beneficial for arthritis, incontinence, headaches and pelvic dysfunctions.

Sports physiotherapy

Runner’s knee, tennis elbow, torn ligaments, muscle strains and more. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to suffer injuries such as these. What you have in common with the sports professionals though is that physiotherapy is just as helpful for you as it is for them!

Our approach to your recovery

Using a focused approach, we work to improve joint, muscle and soft tissue limitations and often use this in conjunction with an individualised and specific therapeutic exercise program. The focus of our treatment is not just on resolving the symptoms, but getting to the root cause of the problem, to help you recover as fully as is possible. We want you to get back to the pitch/desk/garden and back to normal life as soon as you can!

Happy bodies!

At Perfect Motion Physio, we are passionate about injury prevention and making your body work better for you. We really believe in investing in your body – you only get one! We will work with you to help limit the risk of further injury or problems and give you the tools and knowledge for effective management going forwards in the short and long term.

Pre-natal and post-natal physiotherapy

Pregnancy can place significant strain on a woman’s body. Specialist physiotherapy (and pilates) can play an important role in keeping the body happy and healthy and in aiding post-natal recovery.

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What to expect

First contact

You can book an appointment from the word go – you don’t need to be referred by your GP, or consultant. You can contact us by picking up the phone, or sending an email; whatever suits you best.

We answer any questions you may have to help work out if your problem is something we can help you with.

Initial assessment

Initial Assessments are 45 minute appointments, unless an extended session is requested. All new clients are required to have a full assessment session before commencing treatment. An assessment is also required for existing clients who are presenting with new injuries.

During your assessment, a detailed history will be taken from you, finding out about your current issue and also past medical history. It is useful if you can bring any relevant paperwork with you to the session (such as scan reports/ letters etc). We also like to find out what your goals are – what you would like to get back to doing – whether that is gardening, or high level sports.

Following that, we carry out a full assessment which includes looking at posture, muscle length and strength, joint movement and control. We then formulate a treatment plan with you to help you to recover and reach your goals.

We try to whenever possible perform some treatment within the assessment session. Although this is not always possible with more complicated issues. We firmly believe in assessing things fully as, ultimately, this leads to better outcomes as treatment is more appropriately targeted. We will always give you advice and often some things to work on at home – such as postural changes and exercises.

(Be aware that it may be necessary for you to undress for appointments to your underwear / vest and shorts – depending on where your problem is.)

Follow up sessions

If more physio is deemed appropriate we will book that in with you at the end of your initial session. Often people will need a set of sessions – but this completely depends on the problem.

Follow up sessions are 30 minute appointments (unless you request an extended session). Follow-ups usually involve mostly treatment and/ or exercise therapy, with an initial chat and brief re-assessment before hand.

Medical conditions and medical history

Clients are responsible for ensuring that any changes in their medical history are communicated to their Physio at Perfect Motion Physio.

What makes us different?

  • We are hands on physiotherapists and believe in the importance of manual and exercise physiotherapy to help get people back to full health.
  • We passionately believe in movement and this is where our love for pilates has come from – we can really see the benefit for so many people.
  • We are unique in our experience in working in overseas clinics – and learning different approaches and methods through those experiences.
  • We are driven to progress and develop our skills and regularly going on courses and hosting teaching sessions.
  • We are friendly and local – we offer a personable service and will do whatever we can to get you back doing what you want to do.
  • We offer acupuncture and dry needling to complement our physio skills
  • We work closely with local personal trainers, osteopaths, acupuncturists and other physios to help aid your recovery.
  • We assess and treat all conditions from ages 15 to 115
  • We have a passion for sport performance and improving this through detailed movement assessments and analysis

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