Now, more than any other time, it’s so important to look after your health and well-being. Pilates is suitable for almost all fitness levels and is a great way to help keep you healthy.

The highest quality of Pilates tuition – this is not your average gym class!

We offer a range of live-streamed and in-person Pilates classes. Both online and in person sessions are of the same, high standard of tuition that Perfect Motion Physio is known for.

There’s something for everyone…. Short classes that are perfect for splitting up the working day…. Longer classes in the mornings and evenings…. Larger group classes and smaller group classes with plenty of individual attention to ensure you make the most of every class.

We also offer 1:1 Pilates training, which offer total focus on you and achieving your aims.

All our Pilates instructors are highly accredited Pilates instructors or trained physiotherapists. That means every one of us has detailed knowledge of the human body and movement and can direct you to optimise and improve this.

Our ‘original’ Pilates classes:

Beginner/intermediate Pilates

This Pilates class is suitable for complete beginners and improvers as well as pre-natal ladies. It’s our most popular class for general conditioning and maintaining body health with movement in the best possible way.

Timetable for Beginners / Intermediate Pilates:

  • Mondays: 7:00pm and 8:10pm
  • Tuesdays: 4:55pm and 6pm
  • Wednesdays: 9:30am and 10:35am
  • Thursdays: 9:30am and 10:35am

Intermediate to advanced Pilates

This is high level Pilates; challenging balance and with focus on shoulder stability and pelvic strength.

Timetable for advanced pilates:

  • Thursdays: 8.30am – online
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Our NEW ‘online only’ Pilates classes.

Join our live, fun and engaging online group classes.

Purchasing a block for extra value, or pay per session. You need to book your spot for each class.

8am | 45 min | physio-Pilates

9am | 45 min | Pilates

NEW | Reformer Pilates & More

One-to-one and two-to-one sessions using our Pilates reformer alongside other strength and conditioning equipment. Sessions booked by arrangement only.

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Post natal Pilates

Our ‘Post-natal Foundations’ reconditioning series is suitable from early days post natal and is available for you from today on PMP-ON-DEMAND. It’s been designed by Becky Potts, our post natal specialist to help guide you through the best way to recondition your body after having a baby and has helped many new mums to date. Work your way through a series of progressive levels focussing on pelvic floor activation, abdominal connection, control and posture re-alignment through our short and convenient classes.

We strongly encourage ALL women to have a post natal MOT session after having a baby.


The ‘Advanced Post-natal’ Pilates class progresses on to challenging pelvic stability, spinal mobility, pelvic floor activation, abdominal strength and functional movement control. Babies and toddlers are welcome along!

Timetable for Advanced Post-natal Pilates:

  • Tuesdays: 10am
  • This course runs in blocks following MRC school term times
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What to expect from Perfect Motion Physio pilates classes:

First contact

Usually a phone conversation or an email exchange. We’ll talk about your specific aims are, what you want to achieve by doing pilates with us and whether a 1:1 or group class is more appropriate for you. This also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

At the same time we’ll book a time for your pre-class 1:1 assessment

The pre-class 1:1 assessment (general)

This is most often done at your home* but can also be in our Easebourne studio.

  • We bring a mat with us and need little space to do the assessment. It’s by no means a physical session, but do wear clothes that are comfortable to move in.
  • The assessment includes taking a detailed medical history, a postural analysis and covers teaching Pilates fundamentals (core activation, pelvic neutral position) and some base line Pilates exercises.
  • We’ll then book you into a class or for further 1:1 sessions and will leave you with a Pilates class info sheet so you know what to expect from your first class.
  • You are welcome to book in for additional 1:1 Pilates sessions for reviews and individual tuition.

*If you live within 5 miles of Midhurst there’s no charge. If you’re further afield then we charge mileage at 70p/mile.

The pre-class 1:1 assessment (post natal)

In addition to the elements covered in the general pre-class assessment, the post-natal pre-class assessment covers a number of additional elements. This is really important to find out about you, any past problems, how your pregnancy was, your labour and how you are now. It enables Becky to ensure you’re exercising in the right way and at the right level for you. Becky will assess for abdominal separation, base pelvic stability, postural components and your current level of core activation.

Becky is a Women’s Health specialist physiotherapist and so has a deeper understanding of the post natal body and pelvic health and of the best way to recondition your body after having a baby.

You also have the option of extending the basic pre-class admission screen to include a comprehensive post natal check (for £75). We encourage all postnatal ladies to have this assessment. The comprehensive check includes the option of an internal vaginal assessment (to check the pelvic floor).

You can also have a personalised exercise program for an additional £10.

What sets Perfect Motion Physio Pilates apart?

  • Every class is run by physiotherapists – we have specialist knowledge of the human body and movement and how to optimise and improve this.
  • We take people of all levels and abilities (including post-op rehab, sports pros, pregnant ladies and people who have current low back pain).
  • We provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment to exercise in.
  • Small class sizes – we take a maximum of 8 people in a class so we can give you as much individual attention as possible.
  • We screen everyone on a 1:1 basis before they are allowed to start in our classes, so we can deliver the best Pilates possible to each individual.
  • We offer a specialist service using a clinical, physiotherapy approach to Pilates and offer the highest quality of Pilates tuition.
  • Our classes run in blocks that coincide with school term times. Within each course, we cover a remit of exercises that work on all muscle slings, spinal stretches and neural stretches of the body. So it is a complete body conditioning course. No two classes are the same either!
  • We regularly participate in training to further our skills, knowledge and development.

Payment terms, course lengths, missing a class and booking your next course.

Payment is taken upfront for the course to secure your place. Be aware that if we don’t have your payment before the last class of the previous term, then we may offer your space to others. Classes work out as £13 per class.

Most of our Pilates classes run in terms to match the Midhurst Rother College term dates.

Post-natal Pilates classes run in 6 week blocks.

If you are unable to attend any classes please do let us know so that spaces can be offered to people wanting to do a catch up class within that current block. Missed classes are not transferable to following courses.

If you are currently in a class then you have priority for a space in the next block, if you wish to continue.

Are there any risks associated with doing Pilates?

All exercise comes with an element of risk associated with it. Perfect Motion Physio provides a safe environment to exercise in, with highly qualified physiotherapists guiding the classes and individual sessions. In the unlikely event that injury occurs, it is understood that Perfect Motion Physio would not be liable.

Is Pilates suitable for me?

Yes! Everyone can benefit from Pilates, whoever you are and whatever goals you have.

Whether you are experiencing pain, have just had an operation, are pre- or post-natal, you can still do Pilates with us at Perfect Motion Physio Pilates.

Why practice Pilates?

Pilates is excellent for improving your general health and fitness and how your body moves and functions. It can be used to help tone and condition muscle, recover from injury, or improve sporting performance at every level.

The Pilates method was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. It is a body conditioning technique, working on controlled movement from a central core of stability, principally around the low back and pelvis.

The principles of Pilates can be applied to everything we do in the day, such as how we sit in the car or stand in a queue. Your posture and how you hold yourself is so important and often neglected.

I’m pregnant, can I do Pilates?

Yes! Pilates at this time is so beneficial and important in ensuring you are functioning and moving in the best possible way, due to the great changes taking place within your body. Pregnancy puts a large strain on your muscles and joints and can cause dramatic postural changes, particularly due to carrying your baby during and also after pregnancy. This, in addition to the strains on your pelvic floor muscles, means that it has probably never been so important to look after yourself – for the sake of your body now and in the future.

I’ve just had a baby – can I do Pilates?

Yes! We offer specialist post natal physio Pilates courses, which cover all the things you really need to work on after having a baby. You will be educated on true core activation, the role of the pelvic floor and things you should be aware of related to your body, with all the changes it is going through. The classes work on exercising in a safe and controlled way to help you re-condition your body. This helps to avoid or resolve pelvic floor dysfunctions, abdominal separation and improving abdominal tone. An individual session is completed with everyone prior to starting the course to enable specific advice and tailoring of exercises for the individual. Classes run over 6 weeks and are suitable from six weeks post-natal. It’s a great way to meet new mums, have some you time and bond with your baby.